Zandra is an incredible coach and mentor! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Zandra – she really helped me gain clarity into my own path and she offered guidance in the most genuine and inspiring way. She helped me organize my thoughts and provided resources, ultimately, helping me feel better prepared for my job search. Zandra walked me through the Working Genius framework and helped me uncover my own strengths. Zandra is a champion for Latinx women and I’m so grateful to have had her support and mentorship!


Zandra is one of the best coaches that I have ever had in over 30 years of work. She is such a kind, thoughtful, and considerate person. She provides the direction and support that I need whenever we meet. She is just a blessing to me.


Zandra is an incredible coach, mentor, and thought leader in the space! She not only provided support for me to become successful as a Program Manager but offered resources to make sure I had access to the tools I needed to up my skill level. She actually went out of her way on various occasions to meet with me and ask thoughtful questions before providing next step solutions and guidance. I will continue to work with Zandra and am truly inspired by her deep passion to help others achieve their goals!


Zandra is a great blessing to me. I appreciate her wisdom and calm attitude as she shares direction and provides support to me. She helps me do my job better by sharing her knowledge and understanding of the situation / tools / etc. She is a great leader who knows business and how to motivate people. She is an absolute joy to work with. I am very grateful that I get to work with such a professional.


Zandra has been instrumental in my growth. She is always encouraging me to strive and provides unbiased feedback when needed. She is a great go to resource for just about anything. She has helped me navigate through tough situations and has been a sounding board for many things. I have established a long lasting relationship with Zandra that I’m certain will go well beyond our business relationship.


It has been great becoming a leader and I could not have been here without you, what you have taught me, and the great relationship we have built. Thanks again!


Zandra has been instrumental in developing the tools and techniques to be more efficient, self sufficient and add additional value to my role. She supports me in decisions, sharing feedback and providing advice as needed.


Earlier this year, when I had an interest in growing my career, you helped me navigate through the process and supported me throughout the overall process. You were very excited for me when I was promoted to senior. There is always something unique in my work and many times you help me brainstorm or see things differently. I believe our communication is awesome and very appreciated.