There is NO “Right Way”

It’s been an exciting past few weeks. I’m seeing so many people earning graduate degrees, some people starting their own businesses, others are getting promotions, and others are shifting career paths entirely. All of these are so inspirational and exciting, particularly when they are new accomplishments reached for the first time in a family.

It seems like a timely observation (or reminder) that these things are happening for everyone due to their individual upbringing, path, interests, strengths, resources, and priorities. There is no single game plan or checklist that will all get us to some universal level of success. For each of us, success can have a different definition. (I actually have a past blog that expands on that.)

It is easy for us to revert to the human nature of comparison, seeing good things happening for others and feeling like we are behind on where we should be on the quest for success. It’s been said “comparison is the thief of joy” and those words could not be more correct. The truth is that none of our journeys are the same, despite similarities we may see. Some of us have financial obligations, health issues, personal priorities, or other critical factors that have impacted how much time or attention we can dedicate to education or career growth. And others of us have had life challenges or an upbringing that have driven us to prioritize personal relationships or free time over earning money or climbing the corporate ladder.

No one else’s success lessens anyone else’s chances for success. And no single accomplishment necessarily guarantees success. There are plenty of wealthy people that have unfilled personal relationships. There are plenty of people that have graduate degrees and are also unemployed. There is more behind every smile or accomplishment we see on social media.

If there is no universal definition of “success,” there is also no unique path to reach that level of success. Rather than compare our current state to OTHERS, we should be focusing on OUR own goals and path. What is your end goal? What is your timeline? What resources to YOU have that can get you to your goals faster? One thing that can have a big impact is accountability. Once we clearly define our goals and our timeline, we can break down the steps to marry the two. And when we have the definition and accountability, it is an accelerator for our success. A coach to help provide support and clarity can be incredibly powerful. If you are interested in learning more, email me at for a free consultation. You can also follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram for more insights.

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