Keys to Career Growth

One of the most impactful things you can do for your own career growth is take the reigns and forge your own path. No one has more invested in you than YOU. Whether you’re an individual contributor looking to get into management or a director looking to get in the C-Suite, there are some major commonalities everyone can leverage to their own advantage.

Set goals – What do YOU want to accomplish? Spend some time considering what your short term and long term goals are. How will you know if you’ve hit a target if you don’t know where you’re aiming?

Build your village – Who can you mentor? Who can you help? Who can be your mentors? Who can advocate on your behalf? Who has your back? Who doesn’t have your back?

Self-awareness – Are you aware when your own biases creep in? Are you as in-tune with your weaknesses as you are your strengths? If we aren’t clear on where we can improve, how can we possibly do better?

Active listening – Do you listen to understand or are you looking for a pause to respond? You may be surprised how much more powerful listening is than speaking.

Inward vs Outward Thinking – When faced with challenges, are you more inclined to see how you have contributed and/or can help OR are you quick to put the blame on others? When you come across opportunities to celebrate, do you acknowledge the contributions of others or do you seek the limelight for yourself?

Belief – How confident are you in your own abilities? The energy that comes from your beliefs is hard to mask. For that reason, this may be the biggest barrier for most our progress. Lack of belief comes with all sorts of negative energy and behaviors. When we are confident, we are less likely to feel threatened and behave negatively; and we’re much more likely to be authentic and transparent and behave in a much more constructive and collaborative manner.

Coaching – You are much more likely to make progress and hit goals when you have someone in your corner, holding you accountable and keeping you on track. Reach out to us at if you are ready to take the next big step in your career growth.

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